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"I would like to thank you for introducing the CLS software to me and giving me the opportunity to work it into my business! I already have deals Under Agreement that would been much more difficult to get done without it. The fact that I can sit down with my clients and show them the numbers that can make a deal work, is a tremendous tool to have in my pocket going forward. I now enter commercial deals much more confident in their ability to close."
- Bob M., Realtor

"What I love about the Commercial Loan Success software is that it is easy to use and intuitive, yet captures the most important elements of a deal. On most deals, borrowers don't need a complex pro forma or financial analysis to get a banker's attention. Borrowers just need a concise summary like the CLS One Sheet, with enough information to get their foot in the door, and that's what CLS provides."
- Daniel Z., VP Commercial Lending, United Texas Bank

"I found out about the Commercial Property Refi Screener shortly after I spent a lot of time and effort refinancing my building. I was able put my numbers through the software in minutes and produce a One Sheet. This would have made my refi so much easier to present to the banks. This is a must have for any commercial property owner!"
- Michelle H., President & COO, Commercial Property Owner

"CLS software offers tax professionals a new way of thinking for how to assist clients looking for commercial financing. It's a look under the hood of the commercial bank underwriting process I had not seen before. Very well done!"
- Peter M., owner, Peter Wm Maneri, Jr. CPA Accounting Services, LLC

"As the owner of a large, multi - office real estate Company, I’m always looking for new tools to help grow my business and enhance my agent’s ability to succeed. The best tool I have seen this year, without a doubt, is Commercial Loan Success Software. I’ve introduced the CLS Software and platform to all of my agents and I’m excited to see the results."
- Jim D’Amico, Broker/Owner, Century 21 North East

"CLS software platform offers both commercial borrowers and bankers alike a much needed cloud based platform to proactively connect regarding potential transactions – it’s a premier conversation starter for today’s technology based lending process for both sides."
- Melissa B., Business Development Banker, Business Banking Group, Capital One Bank

"I’m a big advocate of this (CLS), I think it’s insane to walk into a bank when you have no idea if you qualify… this gives you an opportunity to find out how lendable you are, and to set yourself up for success so you can walk in with confidence and know that you have a scenario, transaction, or business that is lendable."
- Ty Crandall, Host, The Business Credit and Financing Show

"I’ve had a ring-side seat to the development of the CLS platform from its start…Fast forward to ‘Right Now’ and the CLS cloud-based set of tools has become even more impressive, broader in its scope of analysis, and ease of use. I love the fact that I can access it on the fly with either my phone or tablet when I’m not at my desk."
- Bruce T., Former President & CEO, ERA Key Realty Services

"I had three main businesses (a complex situation) that I needed to purchase. Time was running out and I was at my wit’s end. Prior to CLS I had no options, but with this program I had multiple banks to choose from. The process went smoothly and I was ecstatic.
In less than a year, with my ability to negotiate from a position of strength greatly enhanced, I was successfully positioned to double my money on a single multi-million dollar asset because of CLS. I’ve even gone on to renovate, purchase more businesses and real estate, all while continuing to enjoy an outstanding relationship with that same original lender.
CLS made my situation a Win-Win-Win all the way around! "
- Anthony D., President, Townline Luxury Lanes

"Your new software is amazing! I was able to successfully vet a deal and determine how strong my deal was within 15 minutes of becoming a member! Thank you very much!"
- Jacob A., Property Investor

"I didn't have to wait days or even hours on pins and needles for a lender to go over my numbers - learning up front my transaction pre-qualified was terrific!"
- Craig H., Business Owner/Real Estate Entrepreneur

"CLS allowed me to try different scenarios, to 'sanity check' my loan request for myself - without giving any info to a lender yet - fantastic!"
- Hany B., Business Owner/Real Estate Developer

"I can use CLS to analyze any commercial transaction for a buyer or seller, whether it's listed on Loopnet or another source, and speak with instant authority on the property's performance numbers and price point."
- Kostas G., Real Estate Advisor and Commercial Agent

"The CLS One-Sheet™ made my funding presentation look so professional it was a breeze to deliver!"
- Kate F., Real Estate Investor

"When my loan was prescreened a 'GO!', I knew I could contact a banker on my terms!"
- Nick B., Business Owner/Consultant

"Everyone in our branch system who has regular contact with our current or potential commercial customers needs to have access to CLS. Period."
- R.F., VP Commercial Lending, a large network Community Bank

"...the analysis has brought unrealistic sellers back to reality, as well as shown buyers that it's ok to pay more in certain cases. CLS is a non-negotiable tool I use for every single commercial property..."
- Kostas G., Real Estate Advisor and Commercial Agent

"...prequalifies deals on the front end by providing a method for buyers, sellers, and banks to quickly get on the same page... FAST, EASY, ACCURATE, and borrowers and lenders will find this tool saves them time and money."
- David M., Real Estate Agent

"Commercial Loan Success is a platform I wish I had when I went for my last commercial loan!"
- Craig H., Business Owner/Real Estate Entrepreneur

"In minutes, I am able to determine the viability of a small commercial listing or buying opportunity. What an amazing platform and software!"
- John M., Property Investor

"CLS is a game changer for how commercial borrowers and credible lender(s) will communicate."
- Christopher V., CEO/Entrepreneur

"I think this is such a great idea because it really gives a new entrepreneur the greenlight if they have a profitable idea or not."
- Katie Welsh, Co-Host, Chain of Wealth

"From an entrepreneur prospective, you become a more educated borrower, and being armed with that knowledge helps you when you go to the bank, you know where you stand and what your numbers actually mean"
- Denis O’Brien, Co-Host, Chain of Wealth

"Commercial Loan Success is the platform I have adopted for myself, and I've enthusiastically implored all of my agents to add it to their client service arsenal. I’m always excited to see their results!"
- Bruce T., Former President & CEO, ERA Key Realty Services