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CLS Software determines if your commercial property or business loan prequalifies - in minutes.

We are not a lender or broker.
DIY screen your investment property or business loan against common banking guidelines. Know if your transaction is financeable before ever speaking with a lender.
If it's a GO - take it to the bank!

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Meet CLS.

The software platform that will redefine how you evaluate and secure business and investment property less than five minutes!

Analyze your transaction before ever speaking with a lender. Get empowered, and then open your path to funding from business-friendly banks - all right here with CLS.

Loan Screener

Determine the viability of your business or investment property funding in less than five minutes.

CLS One Sheet

When your commercial loan is deemed a "GO", access your CLS One Sheet™, a concise summary of transaction metrics lenders understand - empowering your funding conversation.

CLS Lender Central

Instantly locate business-friendly banks inside CLS Lender Central™ looking to lend today.

Who Are CLS Users?

Entrepreneurs & Small
Business Owners

  • Analyze or "sanity check" a business or property loan before contacting a bank or investor.
  • Contact a lender with confidence. Your "GO!" indicated One Sheet™ tells the bank you have a strong deal.
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Commercial Real Estate Agents

  • Vet a listing, purchase price, or income property's financing thresholds in minutes.​
  • Equip "birddogs" with CLS and increase the quality and quantity of referrals.​
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Real Estate Brokers

  • Ramp up agency income from sales and referrals of small cap commercial property.
  • Stay current, implementing a proven and relevant industry tech tool.​
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Realtors & Residential Agents

  • Increase your income from transactions or referrals of commercial property.​
  • Participate with confidence in any small cap transaction using CLS.
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Income Property Owners

  • Analyze a property like a buyer's banker will - and determine realistic sale or refinance target numbers.​
  • Consider "what if" scenarios with performance numbers to maximize returns.
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Real Estate Investors and Private Lenders

  • Vet a property acquisition or sale prior to investing.
  • Evaluate the performance requirements needed to meet your return goals, or to determine the viability of a lending opportunity.

Property Consultants

  • CPA's, real estate lawyers, appraisers, and other professionals will find CLS  a valuable tool in assisting business clients in property and financing decisions.
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Family and Peer-to-Peer Lenders

  • Analyze the viability of a friend or family member's request for you to invest in a business or property.​
  • Determine practical pay back options.​

Know before you apply or buy.

Will a bank consider your loan request? Is your investment property financeable for what you need? Why guess, or worse, stress over not knowing? Use CLS, and see if your loan is deemed a "Stop!" or a "GO!" before contacting your current lender, or seeking out a new one.

"I didn’t have to wait days or even hours on pins and needles for a lender to go over my numbers – learning up front my transaction pre-qualified was terrific!"

- Craig H., Business Owner/Real Estate Entrepreneur

User Friendly.

CLS is a powerful tool that saves you time and money. But it's also very light, and easy to use. And if you ever get stuck along the way, you can always refer back to our Resource Center - full of helpful guides and tutorials to ensure a great user experience.

"At CLS, the user experience is paramount. While the software is an extremely helpful tool, we go the extra step to provide additional resources to help customers grow their business."

- Matt M., Director of Customer Experience

Confidential Results.

All of your input data and loan analysis results are completely confidential to just you. None of the banks inside Lender Central see your info until you choose to contact them.

“CLS allowed me to try different scenarios, to “sanity check” my loan request for myself –without giving any info to a lender yet – Fantastic!”

- Hany B., Business Owner/Real Estate Developer

Create bullet-proof funding analytics.

Using the power of CLS and our proprietary One Sheet™, generate a concise, fully validated funding analysis presentation that will impress bankers or investors every time!

“The CLS One-Sheet™ made my funding presentation look so professional it was a breeze to deliver!”

- Kate F., Real Estate Investor

CLS – Built to empower entrepreneurs like you.

With your loan analysis reaching a final "GO!" result, your transaction is pre-screened and banker-ready. Empowered with this knowledge, confidently start your funding conversation with a local banker you can find in CLS Lender Central™!

“When my loan was prescreened a "GO!", I knew I could contact a banker on my terms!”

- Nick B., Business Owner/Consultant

CLS Lender Central

Meet a banker lending now. A "GO!" validation from CLS prepares you to contact America's finest regional and community banks right here in Lender Central™. Choose the one best suited for you and your location… contact them and Get Funded Now!

“EVERYONE in our branch system who has regular contact with our current or potential commercial customers needs to have access to CLS. Period.”

- R.F., VP Commercial Lending, a large network Community Bank
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